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SC IMPRIMERIA MIRTON SRL was set up in 1990, being the first private printing fir

If in 1990 the company had only 2 employees, now work 60 employees, verygood professionals.m from Timisoara.

First endowment was very fragile at the beginning, with very few machines, old and reconditioned, but during the time, after constant efforts were bought performed equipments.
MIRTON: the place where the paper become BOOK.
MIRTON became during the time a reference printing name not only in Timisoara, but in all of the country.
Today, MIRTON works at a high level to obtain a very good quality of the products.



Mirton – a visiting card in almost
6000 volumes

CNCSIS publisher and member of AER

About our honours list, in 500 characters
If we were to present MIRTON Publishing House on a usual size visiting card, we would write the following: it was founded in 1991, we have printed over 6000 titles, we have dealt with almost all the domains, from scientific to fiction books. A book awarded by the Editura Academiei (Academy Publishing House) in 2002 (Cresterea si valorificarea bizamului, Marian Bura), another – AER prize for Romanian Essay in 2003, (Eliade, ezotericul, Marcel Tolcea), a literary prize for poetry in 2004 (Tineretea unei umbre – The Youth of a Shadow, Eugen Bunaru). A long list of names, from writers or university professors of national value, to poets or fiction writers from Turkey, Germany, Israel and a co-operation with a Canadian publishing house. Numerous scientific prizes at academic level and those of the Writers Union, Timisoara Branch.

Short history or about “The Ink of Times”
It is not an easy thing nowadays to make your way as a publishing house in a city like Timisoara. First of all because the cultural-scientific life of the city has proved – after 1989- to have a distinctive force and diversity of expression. Second of all because almost all the publishing competencies from Timisoara have gathered, imediately after the Revolution, around new publishing houses and have fully proved their professionalism. Therefore, exactly in the middle of this climate of strong competition, MIRTON has succeeded to impose itself and to penetrate the public conscience of the people of Timisoara in a particular way.
At first MIRTON has expressed our state of mind, that of Romanians, regarding the feverishness of printed letter. After years of strong censoring, Romanians started, step by step, to understand the joy of printed letter. We have taken part in a real euphoria, in a triumph of the creating gesture found between the book’s leaves, in a kind of publishing bleeding, which is still expressing itself. With force. With pathos. With some kind of innocence. And which could be reproached with an unequal value when we talk about fiction books. It is true! But – at the beginning – a publishing house is not immediately a filter of value. The books will sustain themselves later, will be able to enter competitions, with only one condition, which is so obvious: if they see the printing light! If this privilige is given to them. This means that, in its first years, MIRTON wished to express itself through generosity, understanding and opening, things which specific, we say, to Timisoara.
One should accept the comparison between the publishing landscape of Timisoara and the journalistic landscape and one will immediately guess that MIRTON has behaved, for a while, like a real daily paper. This not only because, for more that two years, under MIRTON logo, it was printed at least one book per day! We especially refer to the diversity of topics, from the most accesible ones to the most specific and difficult ones. From the beginner poet or anonymous prosaist, to the celebrities of the cultural-scientific life of Timisoara.
Then the settlement phase followed under the sign of exigence. From 1997-1998, over 70 percent of the titles came out under the sign of collections validated by consacrated names.

The most important value of a publishing house are its Authors. Actually, there is no domain of Timisoara science not to be represented by the books printed at MIRTON. From medicine, exact sciences, humanist sciences, almost everything that means the glory and proud of our city has stayed here. Eminent specialists, managers of big companies, university professors, heads of departments, deans, prorectors or rectors, they all wear at their lapel MIRTON mark: Acad. Prof. Univ. Dr. Ioan Otiman, Prof. Dr. Dan Poenaru, Acad. Prof. Dr. Ioan Muntean, Prof. Univ. Mihai Decun (member of People of Science Academy), Prof. Univ. Dr. Ion Iliescu, Prof. Univ. Dr. Sergiu Drincu, Prof. Dr. Eng. Marian Bura, Prof. Dr. Univ. Marcel Tolcea.
The chapter of fiction literature inventories prestigious names which puts together various generations: Eugen Dorcescu, Marcel Turcu, Ion Chichere, Eugen Bunaru, Vasile Tudor Cretu, Ovidiu Gligu, names which, starting with 2004, have won prizes of the Romanian Writers Union Timisoara or they were nominated. With his volume of poetry in English language, the turk Nurhan Incze has made MIRTON to be known in other cultural areas. This also happened with the books signed by Mircea Tamas in co-operation with the Canadian publishing house Ross-Cross. Another international co-operation was made with author Michel Foucher, through his book Republica Europeana – The European Republic, published with the support of the Amabassy of France in Romania and of the French Cultural Center from Timisoara, book which also appeared in Paris in 2000 at Belin Publishing House.
A special mention for the book of reportages Razboi cu Doctor Blues (War with Doctor Blues), by Radu Ciobotea, chosen by the French Cultural Center to represent Timisoara at the European Conference of writers and cinema people from Sarajevo, in 2003.
2004 was a year of success for MIRTON: the book of exegesis Eliade, ezotericul (Eliade, the esoteric), by Marcel Tolcea, has won the above-mentioned AER prize.

The 15 collections of MIRTON publishing house, publishing house authorized by C.N.C.S.I.S., contain all the domains, from fiction to science. These are: Logaritm – mathematic sciences, Paideia – universitary books, textbooks, Ceres, Lyra – poetry, Medica – medicine, health, Byblos – spirituality, Economia – economic sciences, Epica – prose, Techne – books of Politechnic sciences, Speculum – essay, philosophy, Clio – history and Ethos – etnology and folklore, IT – computer science and Sociology – on Physiological Society, institutions, social groups.

The door is open, we invite you inside MIRTON family.